Sandwich & Foccacia Lunch Pack

Sandwich & Foccacia Lunch Pack

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Mixture of Traditionally filled Sandwiches on White, Wholemeal and Multigrain Bread and Half a Gourmet Herb Foccacia served in an individual Eco Friendly Lunch Box with a Treat & Napkin - NOTE HAVE INCREASED TO 1 x Whole Sandwich & 1/2 Roll.

Serving Size = 4 points Traditional Sandwich & Half Gourmet Foccacia 

Gluten Free Variations = GF Sandwich and Half GF Gourmet Wrap (Note GF Foccacia unavailable) 

Dairy Free Variations = DF Sandwich and Half DF Gourmet Foccacia  

Gluten Free & Dairy Free Variations = 1 x GF Sandwich w/ Protein on Pumpkin or Linseed GF Bread with 1 x Gourmet GF w/ Protein Roll

Vegetarian Variations = 4 points Vegetarian Sandwich & Half Vege Gourmet Foccacia

Vegan Variations = 4 points Vegan Sandwich & Half Vegan Gourmet Foccacia

Vegan & Gluten Free Variations = 1 x Vegan GF Sandwich on Pumpkin or Linseed GF Bread with 1 x Gourmet GF Vegan Roll / Wrap

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