HOT Brioche Slider Boxes

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Box of HOT brioche sliders on fresh milky butter buns.  15 Sliders Per Box.  Each Slider is individually wrapped in greaseproof to avoid spoilage and presented in Eco Friendly Box.   

  • Cheese Burger (Angus Beef Patty with Special Burger Sauce, Pickles & Cheese) 
  • Troppo Chicken (Chicken Breast with Fresh Pineapple, Sweet Chilli Mayonnaise, Tomato & Swiss Cheese) 
  • Breakfast (Grilled Bacon & Egg with Hollandaise & Rocket)
  • Vegetarian (Zucchini & Corn Fritter with Tomato, Sweet Chilli Mayonnaise & Cheese)

Vegan Option NOT Available as Traditional Brioche Sliders contain butter & milk.